About us


Message from the Proprietress

Lakefield schools officially started in September 2020. This was a dream come true and I feel fulfilled that feat was achieved within a space of 10 months of operation.

The decision to initiate this project was borne out of my passion and love for children and their well-being.

I am convinced that our children can compete favourably with their counterparts in the developed countries, only disadvantaged by the warped educational system and lethargic attitude of the government and school owners; this gap I intend to fill with the establishment of this learning institution.

It’s either the best or nothing. In manpower deployment, pedagogy, teaching aids, facilities, and infrastructure provision, we aspire and remain resolutely committed to offering the best and nothing but the best.

Mrs. Eyitope Olarinoye


What term does Lakefield admit students?

 Admissions into our school are open in all three terms.

Does the school admit into all classes?

We admit children into all the preschool and primary classes. However, in the college, admissions are open only for Years 7, 8, 10, and 11. 

What is the class size of the school?

We have a very good teacher-to-children ratio. We ensure small class sizes of not more than 20 children with two adults (a teacher and teacher assistant) for primary. Three adults for the preschool classes.  

What is the school’s policy on disciple and does the school tolerate bullying?

Please refer to this policy under our policies. 

We have zero tolerance for bullying at our school. The school has an anti-bullying policy and tries to work strictly with it on matters concerning bullying. Please refer to our anti-bullying policy.

Does the school write any assessments before admission?


Yes. Children from age 4 are required to write an assessment and attend an interview with parents before admission.

How safe is your school environment?

We are keen on security as it is one of our prime concerns. We have qualified and trained security personnel who manage the school facilities. We also ensure our CCTV is on 24hours and always carefully monitored by the facility manager.

Do you give siblings discount?

Yes. There is a discount from the second child of 10% on tuition only.  The school may also choose to be magnanimous if children are more than 2.

Can I schedule a tour to see the school?

Yes. You can schedule a tour by calling us and booking an appointment.

What term does Lakefield admit students?

 Admissions into our school are open in all three terms.

Welcome to Our World

Of all the definitions and explanations of what education is, the most striking and the most thought provoking is the one by the American Educator and Philosopher, John Dewey (1859-1952).

In a most analytical but terse and concise summation, he postulated: “Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself.”

It is this profound but pithy definition of education that informed the conception and eventual birth of this centre of knowledge acquisition for the child and the adolescent.

Education, truly, is life. And life remains the most precious asset as it has no duplicate. For us at Lakefield, the value we place on life is the same value we place on educating your ward.

Our creed here is: it’s either the best or nothing. In manpower deployment, teaching aids, facilities and infrastructure provision, we remain resolutely committed to offering the best and nothing but the best.

Here at Lakefield, we are not just preparing your ward for life’s future challenges, we are nurturing and moulding them to take life on and conquer its many vissiccitudes.

Our pact with you as parents and guardians is to train, nurture and mentor your ward to evolve as a well-rounded individual and to emerge as a truly educated individual in intellect and character. On this, we will not fail you.

We invite you today to join us on this lofty and noble journey by partnering with us in our resolve to gift our nation, and indeed, humanity, the best educated individuals that any society can look forward to.

Lakefield Schools, we pledge, will offer your ward the best learning experience and we will never break our covenant with you.

This is our creed.

Welcome to Our World.

Our Philosophy:

Happy Children and Happy Parents

The school curriculum embraces all aspects of personal growth-aesthetic, creative, human and social, moral and spiritual, scientific, mathematical, technological, and physical.

From The Head of Schools

Lakefield is a unique school that provides a caring, serene, secure, and friendly environment for children with diverse abilities. Opportunities are provided for each child to unfold. Our activities are designed to foster self-confidence, self-discipline, handwork, respect, and cooperation. The worth, dignity and creative ability of every child are recognized.

Our sporting facilities are second to none. Children’s latent potential can be nurtured to fullness. Central to our school is its academic life. Academic excellence is a goal we strive hard to maintain by taking advantage of our committed, qualified, and experienced staff working in a stimulating learning environment. A visit to our school will be more revealing. That is why the staff and pupils join me in extending an invitation to you to come and see us in action.

Lohya Jibrin Yaro