School Anthem

Lakefield School is a school for everyone

For all who seek first-class knowledge in this digital age

We are a school where technology is the driver of knowledge

We are Lakefield Schools

Hey students

It’s another day of excellence

You have to give your best

And be determined to stand out amongst others

In your academic goals


It’s your duty to prepare and motivate the students

For a rapidly changing world.

Teach us the relevant knowledge and skills needed to succeed in this age and beyond.

Learners be a source of joy

Teachers be a source of inspiration

So, we can educate together!

School Pledge

With sincerity and faithfulness

We pledge to uphold the strong ethical, religious and academic standards of our great institution.

To become ambassadors of greatness, peace and innovators of ideas.

It’s our duty

To raise the lofty banners of our school and defend it everywhere.

The spirit to do this,

May God grant it!