Our Policies

Confidentiality Policy

Policy Statement

1.1 The aim of this policy is to protect our learners at all times and to give staff involved, clear, unambiguous guidance relating to boundaries and legal frameworks to which they must adhere. At all times, the school will put the safety and welfare of the learners first. This policy will be shared with all interested parties both in the school and in the wider community and will apply to all staff, visitors and volunteers to the school.

1.2 All children have the right to the same level of confidentiality irrespective of gender, race, religion, medical concerns or special educational needs.



2.1 All information about individual children is private and should only be shared with those that have a need to know.

2.2 We expect staff to have an awareness and high regard for the confidential, sensitive and important nature of their role and will be mindful of this at all times including formal and informal discussions with parents, other members of staff, children and the wider school community. Particular attention should be paid in public areas of the school such as corridors, the playground and the staff room. The school respects everyone’s right to privacy.

2.3 A “needs to know” approach should be adopted to safeguard this principle and to ensure no child or group of children is unfairly stereotyped or unnecessarily spotlighted. Where possible no names should be explicitly mentioned whether for positive, negative or information purposes in public areas, unless it is on a needs to know basis for all present to hear. This information includes adults; staff, volunteers or other members of the school community.

2.4 Staff should avoid being ‘drawn’ into discussions which relate to school matters or matters regarding an individual child, group of children or their families. If there are any concerns in this matter please refer them to the Head of section or Head of school. Details relating to children are

confidential and should only be shared with staff, as part of their professional role or with the parents/guardians of the child in question.

2.5 Confidential records including those in hard copy, on a laptop or on a memory stick should be kept in a safe place at all times and should not be left in open places in school at home or left in cars.

2.6 Health professionals have their own code of practice when dealing with confidentiality. Staff should be aware of children with medical needs and any relevant information should be made available to those that need that information. Logs of the administration of medication should be kept secure and each child should have their own individual log.

 2.7 Staff are reminded that if they are aware of a situation where there is a potential risk of significant harm then they are under a duty to inform the Head of Section or Head of School. This situation must be explained to the pupil sensitively whilst reassuring them that their best interests will be maintained.

2.8 The Head of School has attended the recommended course “Information Sharing in Practice” and has a duty to regularly remind staff of the school’s expectations as outlined in this confidentiality Policy.

Monitoring and review 

3.1 All members of staff and the Leadership team have the responsibility of implementing this policy.  The effectiveness of the policy will be evaluated on an annual basis by the Head of School.