Our Policies


2. Introduction

The first aid policy is to provide first aid support to causalities with common injuries or Illness and those arising from specific hazards. In Lakefield Schools, we have a registered school nurse who is a licensed practicing Nurse and 3 trained First aiders who will provide first aid support as and when necessary. First Aiders are not legally permitted to give any medication to students. If a First Aider feels that further medical assistance is required, he/she will make necessary arrangements with the School nurse. It is important to state that all first aiders have attended an approved course In First Aid Administration.

3. Rationale/Purpose
  • The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the School has adequate, safe and effective First Aid provision in order for every pupil, member of staff and visitor to be well looked after in the event of any illness, accident or injury, no matter how major or minor.
  • To ensure that First Aid provision is available at all times while people are on School Premises and while on School visits.
  • The school will comply with safety regulations to ensure adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and qualified first aid personnel are provided and available.
  1. Aims and Objectives
  • The school will ensure that:
  • The appropriate number of first aiders/appointed persons required to meet the needs for the school are identified and that they receive the relevant training.
  • Adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities are provided
  • Appropriate first aid arrangement are in place for off-site activities/trips
  • Staff and parents are informed and aware of the school’s first aid arrangements
  • It responds swiftly to medical emergencies and reports medical emergencies and incidents as required.
  1. Scope

This policy relates to provision of first aid to students, staff, volunteers, and visitors to LAKEFIELD SCHOOLS. 

  1. Key Measures
6.1 First Aid
  • What First Aid involves:
  • First aid involves emergency treatment and support to:
  • Preserve life through: clearing and maintaining open airways
  • restoring breathing or circulation, monitoring wellbeing until the person recovers

Or is transferred into the care of ambulance paramedic, doctor or nurse

  • Protect a person, particularly if they are unconscious.
  • Prevent a condition worsening.
  • Promote recovery.
6.2 Storage of Medications and Usage
  • Medications are stored in a cool, dry and secured cabinet
  • Parents or corers must give us details of the child’s condition and medication, and bring the medication to school in a secure, labeled container. Records will be kept of All medication received and administered by the school.
  • All medications must be administered by the matron
6.3 Qualification
  • The nurse must be a Registered Nurse/Midwife
6.4 Equipment’s Used for the Administration of First Aid First Aid Boxes
  • The Healing Bay of the School is equipped with basic instruments and common none prescription medication needed for first aid management.
  • We have two wall first aid boxes mounted on each floor of the building.

Our equipment and stock are checked and replenished monthly or when necessary by the school nurse.

6.5 Information
  • All new staff are provided with information at induction on how to obtain first aid assistance and who the qualified first aiders are.
6.6 Updating Information on First Aid
  • All first aid notices are regularly checked for accuracy and updated. Notices will need to be altered if a listed first aider leaves, moves location or does not renew their Certificate. In these instances, a new first aider will be appointed.
    • Training of Staff

All first aiders have to attend an assessed training course in Emergency First Aid at Work to be recognised as a first aider.

  • We recommend that first aiders attend a refresher course every Year.
6.8 Administration of First Aid
  • If someone is injured or becomes unwell and needs help, the nearest first aider should be contacted, and asked to attend. 
  • The first aider will assess the situation, provide help, and request assistance from other first aiders if necessary, and stay with the casualty until she/he recovers then make arrangements to move the person to the healing bay.
  • In the healing bay, the nurse makes a quick assessment of the situation, and administers appropriate first aid treatment. Medications are administered following the school’s policy on drug administration.
  • In a situation where the condition defies first aid treatment, a quick call is put through to the doctor at the school registered hospital and the person is moved to the Hospital as quickly as possible with the permission of the parents.
  • Parents of such a child will at this point be contacted. The student’s emergency contacts are recorded on the Schools database. The contact is also held by the class teachers. The nurse also determines if an ambulance should be called.
  • When giving first aid which involves physical contact, the first aider should first explain what they need to do and then ask the child’s permission to go ahead before starting.
6.9 Spillages of Body Fluids
  • These must be dealt with promptly by the nurse. Spillages of blood, vomit, urine and excreta should immediately be cleared and the area sanitized.
  • The medical waste should be disposed properly or placed in an appropriate disposal bag.
6.10 Records
  • A medical slip indicating the type of injury or illness and the treatment given is completed and given to each child that has received any form of first aid treatment.
  • This will help the parents know what happened in school and what has been done, as well as become a guide to further treatment.
  • These records are also logged into a medical record book in the healing bay.
6.11 Asthma
  • Every pupil suffering from asthma should have a spare inhaler kept in a locked cupboard in the clinic.
  • Expiry dates are recorded and parents are sent a reminder when a replacement is required. Expired inhalers are sent back home to be replaced by a new one
  1. Roles and Responsibilities


  • The nurse is responsible for ensuring that every reported case of illness, accident or Injuries is attended to adequately.
  • Ensuring adequate and appropriate First Aid equipment, facilities and qualified First Aid personnel
  • Ensuring that the correct First Aid procedures are followed
  • Ensuring that suitable and sufficient risk assessments of the health and safety of employees, pupils and visitors to the School are regularly carried out and identifying the measures taken for controlling those risks
  1. Monitoring and Review

This policy will be monitored by the school nurse with the support of the Senior Leadership Team.

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