Lakefield College

I welcome you to Lakefield college with great pleasure.

I am truly honored to anchor the ship of this vibrant school which offers great opportunities for the young citizens of this great country Nigeria and the world at large.

The winds and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators. Here at Lakefield College, we run a hybrid blend of the British and Nigerian curricula.  Through blended learning with 21st-century


pedagogical facilities, we prepare our students for sundry Local and International Examinations including WAEC, NECO, Checkpoint, and IGCSE.  We believe that moral discipline is pivotal in the all-around development of the child.

   Our outstanding state-of-the-art facilities plus our team of dedicated staff members enhance
the delivery of our programmes in an environment that is friendly and attuned
to every educational need.

 Therefore, we ensure that the right values are inculcated in our children whilst ensuring that
academic excellence is achieved.

I eagerly look forward to welcoming your child (ren) and you to Lakefield College.

Thank you!

Anthony Ejechi

Head of College