Why Choose Lakefield?

Schooling has moved from the whiteboard age to a more advanced stage. In this current world of ours where information evolves every day, facts, and statistics keep changing, theories, rules, and principles of each discipline dance to dynamism, one would only keep himself or herself far from modernity, if one still follows the conventional path.

In this technology-driven age, certainly teaching becomes boring if students still sit in the class just to copy those long notes as yester decades, follow the pattern of doing everything, and rely solely on textbooks or a one size fits all mindset. The zeal not to fall into this category has driven a visioner to establish this global standard school for parents who desire 21st Century learning and teaching.

Many parents who understand the position of technology in learning today, waste no time inspecting the facilities of the school and consequently enroll their wards. The joys of these to the children are seen plastered on their faces, with sighs of homely relief.

Here are five significant reasons your child should be enrolled at Lakefield.

  • Firstly, Security: is the life wire of any nation or state. An insecure environment does not attract investors. Considering the porous security structure of the country and the fact that student kidnapping now thrives as a business, one has to be very careful in enrolling one’s child in a school. We are located in one of the most secured communities in Eti Osa –  Royal Palmwill Estate Badore. The school is adorned with 24/7 CCTV from the school gate down to the back of the fence. The safety of everyone is the top priority. This is also embedded in the heart of the school drivers who drive meticulously to ensure everyone arrives and departs safely.
  •  Another is homely welcome: After security, the next important thing to consider for a child’s enrollment is the state of mind of your child. A child who learns under emotional and psychological distress, may not perform well in academics. Lakefield is a school where students are happy to come every day and find it difficult to leave. This is due to the fact that the management gives no room for any form of bullying, intimidation, rivalry competition, segregation, and all other discriminatory acts. When you get to meet the staff, you will know why it is a home for every child.
  • 21st-century academics: The most significant function of a school is to teach, build and nurture young leaders. This remains a primary goal at Lakefield. Learning is laced with technological adornment. Classes from years 1 to 12 have interactive boards, which enable teachers to teach with slides, graphics, and other audio-visual qualities. This kind of practice makes learning reach everyone bearing in mind the various types of learners. Since the world is now a global village, the school runs a blend of Nigerian and British curricula. This prepares the student for all types of international exams and aid in admission processes into international universities.
  • Co-curricular activities:  A school is not established to only write lesson notes. Talent discovery and nurturing are expected roles of schools, Lakefield prides on discovering, nurturing, and celebrating children’s talents. It is also interesting to know that the co-curricular department has raised a school band that has 90 percent of females. When they beat the drums, play the keyboard, sax, and piano, sing or dance to their own songs and beats, you will realize that there is no limit to what anyone can achieve. Bring your child to this circle of excellence.
  • Lastly, the place of sports: Around the world today, among the good paying jobs is sports. Aside from that, the health benefits are numerous. The school is determined to raise athletes who would represent Nigeria in different sports competitions around the globe. This vision spurred the school owners to invest hugely in the provision of sports facilities such as the Astro turf football pitch, swimming, pool, basketball court, table tennis, punching bag, and taekwondo training are just a few of the many.

The Admission Registration

You can download the offline version of the form using this link. You will have to print the form and submit the form in person when you bring your ward for registration.


STEP 1: Obtain an application form on-site or complete an online form. 

STEP 2: Submit the completed application form with the following documents: 

  • Photocopy of academic records from the most recent school attended (final term report and a character/behavioral reference letter from the previous school),
  • Photocopy of original birth certificate
  • Photocopy of international passport
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs

 STEP 3: Decide when convenient to take the assessment and inform the school.

 STEP 4: A brief interview of not more than 20mins is conducted by the Head of School with the candidate and parents in attendance (where possible) is part of our initial assessment process.

 STEP 5: An offer of provisional admission is made to a successful candidate pending the payment of the acceptance fees.

STEP 6: The acceptance fees have to be paid by the date indicated on the admission letter.